Let me be clear first. Photography is a hobby of mine and it is not my normal day job. Everything I write here is based on my own experience. So, with that being said, welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy reading this.

I am lucky enough that most of the time I can walk around on a festival with my SLR in my hand and my backpack on. Back in the day I always took my camera with me when I went on a holiday. Because walking around in a big city, like New York, I just really want to capture those tall buildings so close together.

But I totally understand there are times when you just don’t feel like dragging around your SLR and lenses in your big heavy camera bag. There are even moments when you just see a cool shot in front of you, but you don’t have your SLR with you. For that very reason, especially that heavy camera bag, I have been on holiday for the past few years with nothing morethan my Iphone X and a GoPro 8 Black

However, I immediately felt that I missed that wide-angle view in my photos.That is why I bought the Sandmarc Wide lens for my iPhone X. And I have never regretted that decision for one second.(No this is not sponsored, I wish)

To show you that you don’t always need to have your camera with you for a cool shot,unless you want to use that photo as wallpaper in your house, I have placed some of my favorite iPhone X photos below.

iPhone 6 & iPhone X
These photos are all shot with my iPhone. A couple of them are made years ago with the iPhone 6 but the most of these photos are shot with the iPhone X. As you can see there are some pictures made with the Sandmarc Wide lens (Nope still not sponsored). <3

Edit your photos on your phone
The first thing I always do is correct some colors in the photo app of Apple itself. This is still the fastest and easiest way to let the colors pop.

After that, I use Photoshop Lightroom (mobile version) to bring back somesharpness in the photos and remove some possible noise. Also, the lens correction option in this app sometimes helps. Don’t forget to play around with the exposure, shadows, structure and brightness while you’re in the app.

Other app’s on my phone are: LD //Quickshot // Photoshop Fix // Carbon // Filterloop // Filca // ProCamera and of course Instagram

Which one is your favorite?
As I mentioned earlier, photography is a hobby of mine that got out of hand, and most important where I can show my creativity. The pictures above are my own favorites.

But I love to know which you like the most?
Let me know in the comments below.