… some cool video’s, but use it also for some pretty awesome photos.

Like I said in my first post, I don’t always feel like dragging around my heavy SLR and lenses. For that exact reason I was looking for a small camera to take with me on my holiday. Thanks to a good friend of mine I was able to borrow his GoPro Hero 7 Black for my vacation to Thailand.

Since I never used a GoPro before, I needed to do some search to see what this cam can do. So after hours of watching YouTube videos about shooting with the GoPro, I found out that you really need the Black edition of the GoPro to really get something nice out of it.

Of course you also get super cool ideas when watching these videos and then you realize that you really need a dome for those cool split shots of water and land and don’t forget a float stick for in the sea. (You don’t want your GoPro to sink to the bottom of the ocean.)

So after a 12-hour flight, it was time to see if I could convert all my ideas that i had to some cool shots. In the beginning it was mainly a struggle. Where are the settings on the GoPro again, and connecting with the GoPro through my Iphone was certainly not always the best experience.

The first day it was mainly photos of the ground, a cool image with a piece of my finger in front of the lens and videos of the inside of my backpack because the GoPro had jumped on spontaneously again. Also keep in mind that a GoPro battery lasts about 2 to 2.5 hours, so you should also bring a spare battery with you if you go out for a full day.

With that being said these are the shots made with the GoPro 7 Hero in Thailand and some tips & tricks based on my own mistakes.

Go for the GoPro Hero Black
You actually need a GoPro hero Black to be able to make really cool shots in the dark. This version of the GoPro is much better with low light conditions than the white or silver editions. You can also shoot your photos in de GoPro RAW mode and therefore edit them better after shooting.

No Fan of the fisheye look?
On the GoPro Hero Black editions you can turn off the fisheye for your photos and convert them to Linear. Just keep in mind that you will see less in your photo because the fisheye wide angle will be gone.

From the GoPro Hero 5 Black, the action cameras themselves are already waterproof (up to 10 meters), so you no longer need to buy a separate housing. For the split shots of land and water you need to a separate dome.

A dome is nothing more than a glass sphere around your GoPro that creates a beautiful dividing line between life above water and the underwater world. Because the sphere keeps the water at a distance from the camera lens, you get a unique image of the underwater world and above-water environment in one.

GoPro Photo settings
1. Don’t forget to set the Raw to ON within the photo settings of your GoPro
2. If you not that convertible with shooting on a GoPro and you just want a good shot? Then set the SuperPhoto to ON.
3. But If you want more controle over the photo yourself, you can choose for Protune. With these settings you unlock the advanced settings for photography. For example you can set your min and max ISO, white balance, Shutter & Sharpness. Before you can use this function, you must first set SuperPhoto to OFF.

4. Use the burst mode for action photos. Don’t leave the burst rate on auto. Often you can get away with 30 photos in 3 seconds 30/3. The only disadvantage of the burst mode is that the photos on your GoPro are only saved in JPG and that you cannot save RAW from them.
5. In addition to burst mode, you can also use the Timelaps photo mode for action selfies. The advantage of the Timelaps mode is that it continues to run indefinitely on your set number of seconds. The bust mode you set for X number of seconds and then it stops.

Get in touch
For me this was the first time taking photos with a GoPro. And of course these are not of the same quality as your SLR, but for your Instagram this is more than OK. Do you have some tips or do you want to know more, please leave a comment below.